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Shape Project


The Shape project is a continuation and extension of the PEACH 1 and 2 projects.

After 4 years of collaboration, Caritas Asia and Caritas Austria are committed to continue to increase capacities in Humanitarian Aid and Volunteer Management.

This project aims at making the resources produced during PEACH 1 & 2 available to the network and to offer learning opportunities to all MO in the region in order to support peer learning and localization efforts. A specific focus is given to volunteer management as the current pandemic has shown that the Caritas grassroots structures are a powerful support for the ability to respond professionally, timely and effectively.

Overall Objective

To contribute to the strengthening of the organizational and technical competencies and capacities of Caritas organizations and their networks in Asia to increase effectiveness and efficiency in working for community resilience and preventing human, economical or environmental losses during disasters through localization and enhancing local volunteering

Specific Objectives

Asian Caritas MO have a clearly defined and functioning response mechanism for Humanitarian Aid to support each other to work more efficient, effectively and sustainably before (DRR), during and after humanitarian crises.

Asian Caritas MO have a coordinated approach to learning and exchange in the field of Humanitarian Aid and volunteer management

Key Activities


European-Asian partnership for Building Capacities in Humanitarian Action

Project duration: 2 years
Starting date: 1st of April 2016
Ending date: 31st of March 2020


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