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Humanitarian Aid – Essentials for Aid Volunteers:

A small booklet for Caritas volunteers participating in humanitarian programmes. The booklet provides a short introduction in the basics of humanitarian aid and guidance in some of the basic fields of activity of Caritas volunteers in humanitarian programmes.

16 Pages

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Volunteering and Disaster Risk Reduction

An introduction on how to work with volunteers in disaster risk reduction programmes, presenting practical instructions and best practice examples from all organizations who have participated in the PEACH projects.

64 Pages

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Volunteering in Emergencies – Handbook for Coordinators

A manual for Caritas volunteer managers focusing on three subjects: basics of volunteering in Caritas, preparation of Caritas organizations in order to host volunteers and managing of volunteers. The handbook provides practical instructions and tools which can be adapted to the needs of local Caritas organizations.

40 pages

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European-Asian partnership for Building Capacities in Humanitarian Action

Project duration: 2 years
Starting date: 1st of April 2016
Ending date: 31st of March 2020


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