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Project Description


The overall objective of the project is to strengthen organisational and technical competencies of Caritas organisations and their networks in 6 countries in Asia in order to increase their effectiveness and efficiency in working for community resilience and preventing human, economic or environmental losses during disasters. The funding from this project will enable all partner organisations in Asia and Europe to enhance their ability to respond to a growing number of disasters while improving their own systems in emergency situations and exploring volunteering opportunities in disaster response.


Two specific objectives will contribute towards this goal:

1) To support the partner organisations in strengthening capacities at strategic and operational level in humanitarian action (Specific Objective 1) and

2) To strengthen the partner organisations in the field of volunteer management in emergency situations in line with EU Standards (Specific Objective 2).

This will be achieved through a training of trainers’ scheme, combining up to date training on strategic, operational and administrative aspects of humanitarian assistance and volunteer management at regional level, which will be re-echoed at national level. Standards regarding volunteer management will be agreed upon and disseminated through a handbook and all training and information data will also be available through an online platform. All partners will have the opportunity for peer exchange and learning, and management will work on including volunteer deployment into their regional emergency response strategy.

The main results of the project will be enhanced understanding of humanitarian principles and concepts, enhancing the skills in needs assessment at a local level, strengthening of volunteer management and local volunteering in third countries. The project aims to enable the partners to undergo certification and to set up joint projects in the context of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative.


European-Asian partnership for Building Capacities in Humanitarian Action

Project duration: 2 years
Starting date: 1st of April 2016
Ending date: 31st of March 2020


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